Rice field Preservation Project

Ancient rice field preservation project.

Kureishi Tanada is a valuable terraced rice field that still preserves the original form of "Nishie", which still retains its appearance from the Edo , Meiji, Taisho, and early Showa eras.

Under the name of “Creishi Tanada Biotope Park”, this project is an effort to preserve the original landscape of this terraced rice field, including not only the scenery but also the traditional method of making rice and its operation.


Why preserving Kureishi rice field

Kureishi project has the valuable role to preserve and to pass on to the future generations the ancient techniques of rice cultivation. It's environment is a natural museum with beautiful landscape.I think it's worth it to protect it.
Inspite the many rice terraces that remain in various places, this rice field's uniqueness is that water comes from the mountains naturally without using modern techniques From the Middle Ages it is in symbiosis with nature.
Situated just under the mountain is easy to understand the idea of Satoyama (mountain village): people and nature coexist together making rice from the forest and living in harmony with nature.
The water reserve flows from the mountain. During the Edo period the terraced rice field is thus constructed starting from the pond which creates naturally,Even now, there is still a mechanism to collect water in rice fields one by one using that same pond.It is a valuable rice terrace which is an educational resource to get a glimpse of ancient agriculture.
To preserve this village's precious heritagewe are looking for people interested in supporting this project together. If you are interested, please contact us.
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