Aozora's plus SDGs

* This page is currently under construction.

The SDGs are 17 global goals that aim to fundamentally solve various problems such as poverty, inequality, inequality and climate change.

At Aozora, we are aware of the efforts to achieve the SDGs from the opportunity of winning the Japan Partnership Award 2017 Grand Prix held at the International Conference on Sustainable Brands 2017 in March 2017

What are the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs?
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The SDGs that Aozora is working on

At Aozora, activities are conducted in four categories: [Nature], [Adventure], [Future] and [World]. Each category is aware of efforts to achieve SDDs and is preparing to collaborate with partners.

Activity category [Nature]

* A program for learning about nature, experiencing the wisdom of coexisting with nature, and expanding environmental awareness


Activity category [Adventure]

* A program that lets you experience nature and healing by touching nature and enjoying yourself in sports and outdoors


Activity category [Future]

* A program that leads to communication and learning by learning about work and initiatives through interaction with people who are active in various fields.


Activity category [World]

* A program that allows to interact with the culture of the country by interacting with overseas cultures.