River climbing experience reservation

Enjoy water play with the natural waterslide!

Light river climbing experience in the mountain stream of Sabilo Valley. It is a easy course for beginners, and you can play in the water relaxing.The river climbing can be enjoyed by both children and adults !
▶︎ 電話予約=0574-78-2045
※ 令和5年夏のシャワークライミング体験コーディネートの団体受付は開始しています。
Payment info
Period July 10-August 31
参加定員    4人以上〜25人迄
Trial fee 3,800 yen / person
Location Mountain stream Sabilo valley (East Shirakawa village)
Time approximately 2 hours (Start time: 10 o'clock or 13 o'clock)
Meeting place Sabilo valley mountain stream field
Gifu Prefecture Kamo-gun Higashi Shirakawa-mura Kamisato 1961-1-26
Dressing Clothes, swimsuits that can be wet, hats
Shoes that are easy to walk in the water (sandals · barefoot not allowed)
Bring your own drinking water (water bottle), towel
・ We plan the schedule according to the applications
・ Instructors will give lectures such as how to walk in the river and coping with danger
Apply by Phone 0574-78-2055 Mail: info@aozora-kenbun.com
For everyone who wants to join
Trout fishing experience & BBQ for sport clubs, children's association or company will be coordinated as an experience program separately.