At Aozora we have various forms of volunteering. Why don't you find the one that suits you ?

The activities of Aozora Kenbun Juku are supported by volunteers. Why don't you contribute to local activities and be useful for people who need help? You can search for information on nature experience program instructors and volunteer projects by project. We look forward to your participation.

(About volunteer certificate issuance)

We issue a volunteer certificate.
The issuance of certificates will lead to the promotion of opportunities to participate in social contribution activities. It is an opportunity to broaden the range of experiences for high school students and university students, it can also be used as an objective material to show off the experiences that you have worked on in interviews with job hunting.

活動への参加における心得などはこちらを参考⇨ クレドについて

【Volunteer information】

★ [Recruitment] Recruitment of schoolchild custody, instructor of child care
We are recruiting volunteers who can help schoolchild custody for long vacation, summer vacation. long-term vacation. Time: 9:00-17:00 / Charged volunteer / Those who like to interact with children in the Higashi Shirakawa village

★ 【Recruitment】 Recruitment of rice field preservation volunteers info
棚田保存をここちよい汗で応援!  棚田をガーデニング感覚で気軽に参加いただく「おたんぼクラブ」会員募集中!

★ 【Recruitment】 Recruitment of natural experience programs and instructors
As a volunteer instructor, people with the experience, expertise and special skills gained up to now, such as their own work and hobbies, will be active in the experience program of Aozora. Volunteer instructors are registered. Please make the most of your special skills to help people.

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