CSR (CSV) Activities x Human Resources Development

To person in charge of human resource development in a company

CSR activities are voluntary activities of companies. We will build the future together with society in our own sustainable activities and voluntarily contribute and work for the realization of a better society. As a result, in addition to increasing corporate value, it also leads to the improvement of social evaluation and reliability through human resource development and exchange between regions.
At Aozora Kenbun Juku, we would like you to experience programs such as natural experience environment learning and green tourism.

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Grand Pix Award Tokyo

The “Village Social Contribution Human Resource Development Program” won the Grand Prix in collaboration with Super Hotel Co., Ltd. at the 12th Japan Partnership Award held at the International Conference on Sustainable Brands 2017 Tokyo.
This award recognizes NPO projects that have made an impact on society, with the aim of promoting the effectiveness, value and importance of this collaborations with the society.