What is Aozora ?

Aozora Kenbun Juku aims to help children grow and develop through the rich nature of Higashi Shirakawa village, Gifu Prefecture. With social contribution as the main mission Aozora project started in 2005.
Currently, in addition to nature programs, human resource development programs such as employee training, agritourism and health tourism, as well as regional health management, comprehensive regional sports club, and initiatives for sustainable community development are also being conducted.
Aozora's mission is :
Let's experience it! Let's feel it! Let's grow! What we offer is "Nature" and "Time" in the clear stream Shirakawa,
Don't miss this opportunity!
From now on, through agricultural forestry, food and rich nature in Satoyama, we will create opportunities and places to experience the values, nature, and culture of ancient Japan, which is becoming to be forgotten in recent years.
Non profit organization Aozora kenbun juku
〔 Overview 〕
Name Non profit organization Aozora Kenbun Juku
Executive director President: Tatsuyoshi Murakumo
Vice President: Masamichi Matsuoka
Senior Managing Director: Eitaro Yasue
Supervisor: Keisuke Kurimoto Yasushi Yamaguchi Yasue Kanzan
Staff concerned 36 people
The number of members 267 (as of August 31, 2016)
Located at Higashi Shirakawa-mura Goka Gaki-gun, Gifu Prefecture
Established April 2005
Corporate acquisition June 2008
TEL      0574-78-2055
FAX      0574-78-2045
E-mail      info@aozora-kenbun.com
U R L       http://www.aozora-kenbun.com
2005 Aozora Kenbun Juku Project started
2007 Nature Experience Program "Aozora Kenbun Juku" launched
Acquired legal personality in 2008 Established non-profit organization Aozora Kenbun Juku
2012 Social Contribution Human Resource Development Program launched
2013 Comprehensive model area sports club authorization
2014 Kashishi Tanada (rice field) preservation project start
Founder and CEO Tatsuyoshi Murakumo
Deputy Director Masamichi Matsuoka
Deputy General Manager Tatsuyoshi Murakumo
Health care  
We contribute to regional health management through various initiatives including intergenerational exchange from children to adults, exercising and enjoy moving our body freely in the nature.
Exchange between cities and villages
We aim to involve people from cities in the world of agricultural villages and vice versa. Sharing each other's living styles will help to realize a new lifestyle that involves people, things and Information in both directions.
We will always try to set a comfortable environment where people can communicate. We want to create a place where people enjoy can spending time with their families and the people from their cities. Meet new people and get involved with nature.
What we do
Natural Experience : A program that helps to develop awareness of nature and environment by experiencing it harmony with nature itself
Adventure Experience: An outdoor program which aims to lets you experience the beauty of the clean river and and the fresh air
"Sekai kenbun A program that interacts with the culture of the country by welcoming guests from overseas and doing international exchange.
Future "kenbun": A program that connects children to their future dreams by having them talk about their work through exchanges with adults working in various fields