001 Takayama one-day tour, Shodo, tea and much more

  • One day tour
  • Takayama Historical Center
  • Ancient home of Takayama shogunate, Takayama Jinya
  • -Lunch break-
  • “Shodo” session, Japanese calligraphy lesson
  • Japanese style tea preparation
  • Tea time and brief discussion on Japanese culture
  • Return to JR Takayama station

Japan still remains a place full of mysteries. A culture completely different from ours with an incomprehensible writing system and customs that for many people are exotic. All of that contribute to make it difficult to approach this world, but at the same time makes it fascinating and intriguing.

This tour will help you understand some of the main concepts of Japanese culture visiting Takayama, one of the cities that has kept the spirit of ancient Japan. In addition you will be able to experience firsthand some of the typical Japanese costumes such as tea preparation and Japanese calligraphy, Shodo.

First stop, Takayama!

Takayama, located in Hida, a region in the north of the Gifu prefecture, is a pulsing city full of life. “木 の 文化” (Ki no Bunka) wood culture is the key word when visiting Takayama. Since the ancient era of Nara (710 AD), wood carving techniques have been improved in this city surrounded by mountains. It is not uncommon to find, in places such as Kyoto, structures or wooden statues made in Takayama.

 The main attraction is certainly the old city (市内-shinai) almost unchanged since Edo period (1603-1868).

The buildings have remained the same as they were in the Japanese middle age.
高山陣屋-Takayama Jinya

In the center of its historical area is located the 高山 陣 屋 -Takayama Jinya, the ancient home of the shogunate- heart of the city. During the Edo period it was a sort of city hall where the Shogun and his men used to live.

Luch break ! Takayama street food

“Gohemochi” Rice cake baked with caramelized with miso.
Hida beef sushi, exclusive to the Hida region. It is served on a “senbe” a cracker made of rice

Second stop, Shodo class !

Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles when traveling in Japan is in fact the language that is impossible to read for those who have not studied Japanese. Through this workshop we will discover the link between the Japanese writing system and the art of calligraphy, the Shodo.

During the course you will receive a shikishi, a special rigid paper, and the instructor will explain how to write your favorite ideogram to take home as a souvenir.

Last stop, tea preparation and Japanese culture session

One of the treasures of Japan, green tea.

We have reached the end of our journey. What better way to end our adventure than to taste good Japanese tea? In this session an expert will show you how to prepare Japanese green tea.

Classic Japanese tea set.

During the tea tasting a brief lesson will be held about the fundamentals of Japanese culture.

Many have wondered: why do the Japanese people bow ? Why do they always apologize ? Where does the culture of respect so strong here in Japan and where it came from? This concept is to be found in the indigenous religion of Japan, Shinto. We will explain this and much more to you in our small cultural session, hoping to help you enjoy the rest of your trip to Japan to the fullest.

Finally we will ride the bus and go to TAKAYAMA JR Station

The tour consists of :

  • In the morning we will visit the historic center of Takayama and the home of the shogunate.
  • Starting at 13:00 we will take part in a Shodo class, a Japanese calligraphy course.
  • Japanese style tea preparation method will be illustrated. It will then be served with typical local sweets and during the tasting a brief lesson will be held on the basics of Japanese culture.
  • Bus to Takayama station, end of tour


Historic center of Takayama, home of the shogunate (Takayama Jinya), Shodo lesson and tea tasting.

Dutation: one day

Every month if the minimum quota of 8 people is reached. It is possible to book directly in a group. Maximum 15 people.


9: 30 Meeting point JR TAKAYAMA STATION

  • Takayama is easily accessible from JR Kyoto and JR Nagoya stations by using the JR pass with the JR Hida express train or by direct bus from Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya or Osaka for about 7000 yen

10:00 Visit the historic center of Takayama 

11:30 Visit to Takayama Jinya, the ancient home of the shogunate.

12 : 30 Lunch break

13: 00 Shodo lesson, Japanese calligraphy class

14: 20 10 minutes of relax and conversation (with interpreter) with the Shodo teacher

14: 30 Tea preparation

15 : 00 Tea tasting and discussion on the foundations of Japanese culture

15 : 30 Return to JR Takayama station, end of tour

Useful items:

  • Water
  • Hat
  • Umbrella
  • Towel
  • Bug repel spry (Summer)

The fee includes:

  • Pick-up service at the station upon arrival
  • Private bus transfers for the duration of the tour
  • MEALS INCLUDED: snacks during tea tasting
  • Hard sheet (shikishi) for writing your own Japanese calligraphy
  • Italian (english speaker) tour leader who supports the japanese staff and will accompany you throughout the tour
  • Japanese calligraphy lesson
  • Tea preparation lesson
  • Discussion on Japanese culture
  • Escort to JR Takayama station at the end of the tour